From the Protective Services Department- Please Share!

We remind you to please make sure your pets; – dogs, cats and livestock, are staying close to home and not leaving the property.  If your animal happens to leave the property and is missing, please contact Bylaw Enforcement / Animal Control at 902-584-3693, and if possible post to Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network in hopes for them being returned, the sooner the better especially in these warmer days of summer.

Illegal dumping is an ongoing issue and remind you not to dump items where they should not be dumped – on your property or any place other than the correct facility it is supposed to go to. There is regular garbage pick-up every 2 weeks. The Lawrencetown Waste Transfer site is open again should you have a large amount that will not be accepted during your regular pick up.

If you do come across any illegal dumping (publicly or on another property), you can call 902-584-3693 or our leave a message on our waste hotline at 1-833-360-2454.

We appreciate everyone following the correct protocols of Health and Safety to ensure the safety of yourself and everyone around you. Please be safe out there and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or you can check out our website at

Thank you.
Protective Services Department, Bylaw Enforcement / Animal Control

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