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Staff Directory
     A list of Municipal Staff and their contact information

Waste Management
     County Waste Information

Lost or Missing Pets
     Lost, Found & Missing Dogs & Cats

Recreation Programs & Activities
     Recreation Programs & Activities

About the Community
     Movin' @ Annapolis County
     Community Events Guide
     Valley Connect
     Community Centres and Halls
     Schools & Colleges

     Accessibility Plan
     Meet Accessibility Committee
     Let's Talk Accessibility

     Tourism Annapolis County Presentation
     Videos from Around the County

Parks, Trails and Waterways
     Information on Parks, Trails and Waterways in the County

Raven Haven
     Raven Haven Beachside Family Park

Roads and Sidewalks
    Winter Maintenance

Budget Inquiries
     Contact someone about the budget

Tax Sale
     Property Tax Sale

Kings Transit
     Fares and Passes
     Ticket Agents

     Municipal Bylaws
     Water Connections and Disconnections
     Water System Maps
     Water Billing
     Private Wells
     Source Water Protection Plans
     Board Orders

     Sewer Connection
     Sewer System Maps
     Sewer Billing
     Payment Options
     Private Septic Systems
     Sewer Bylaws

Property Tax
     Property Tax Information

Protective & Safety Services
     Dangerous and Unsightly Premises
     Derelict Vehicle Removal Program
     Policing Services
     Bylaw Enforcement
     Animal Control
     Fire Departments Serving Annapolis County

Compliments or Complaints
     Compliment our Councillors, Staff or Programs
     Animal Control
     Dangerous and Unsightly Premises
     Park and Trails
     Property Tax, Rates and Budget
     Treatment Facilities
     Waste Management
       Compost Bins
       Pick up
       Illegal Dumping

Regional Emergency Management Organization
     Emergency Numbers
     After hours Resources
     NS Power Outage Map
     Road Conditions

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