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Garbage rules remain the same (Blue Bag 1 – paper & paper products; Blue Bag 2 – recyclables, cans, plastics, cartons, foam polystyrene products; 3 Clear Bags and 1 Black bag – all other garbage).  Please ensure your waste is sorted appropriately to avoid being left behind.

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Waste Information

The Waste Collection map has been compiled based on the most recent information available, however, errors or omissions may occur.  To confirm collection days or for further information on waste disposal and collection within the Municipality, contact the County of Annapolis at waste@annapoliscounty.ca

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  •  New Annapolis County compost carts are currently being delivered to residential properties, this process began September 24th and will take approximately 7 weeks to complete.
  • The lid of some of the new carts is slightly warped, this is normal during shipping and will right itself over time.
  • All waste should be placed roadside by 7 am on your regular collection day
  • If you have not received your new compost cart, place all compost roadside in compostable bags on collection day
  • Valley Waste Green carts will be emptied by waste collectors on your regular garbage day – once dumped don’t use it
  • Leave Valley Waste green carts in a safe location at or near roadside for pick up by Valley Waste – once dumped don’t use it

Some Reasons Garbage Wasn’t Picked Up

Too many black bags; too many clear bags;  garbage out late to curb;  recyclables unclean;  paper and recyclables in same bag;  non-recyclables in clear bag;  non-compostables in compost receptacle;  materials frozen to ground/receptacle; cardboard not bundled properly;  bags too heavy (up to 15kg);  obstacles preventing pick up (snow, vehicles etc)

Cottage/Seasonal Community Bins

Cottage/Seasonal community bins are being replaced with temporary bins until a permanent solution is in place. 

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