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Habitation Community Area Draft Plan: Click here to view Draft Planning Documents

Power in Planning

The role of the Annapolis County Planning Department is to work with community members to envision new possibilities for our diverse region, while making every attempt to be inclusive, long-term, and visionary in the approach.

We have a goal to create a broad vision for the community; striving to promote a vibrant, active, and compatible atmosphere in Annapolis County. Like you, we want to do everything we can to see our communities succeed.

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Secondary Plan Review

The County of Annapolis is reviewing their Secondary Municipal Planning Strategies and Land Use Bylaws. These areas are special planned areas in the County that are separate from the County-Wide Plan and include: Cornwallis Park, Upper Clements, Habitation community, Bridgetown area, and the East End area.


Zoning and Development


Heritage Properties


Planning Applications and Fees

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