Posting Civic Numbers

Civic_Numbers_PlacementHow to Post Your Civic Number

• Civic numbers must be posted using standard numerals (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9) and displayed horizontally from left to right.
• The numbers are to be white on a blue reflective background. No other numbers, such as post office numbers are to be posted using blue & white.
• The size of the numbers are to be at least 10 cm (4 in.) in height.

Where to Post Your Civic Number

• Civic numbers are to be posted on the same side of the road as the house or business.
• Civic number signs are to be located between 1.2 m (4 ft.) and 1.8 m (6 ft.) above ground.
• Civic numbers are to be posted so that they can be seen from at least 10 m (33 ft.) from either direction.
• Civic numbers are to be posted within 2.4 m ( 8 ft.) and 3 m (10 ft.) from the traveled portion of the road.
• If your house is located within 6 m (20 ft.) from the closest edge of the traveled portion of the road, you may post your civic number on the house, as long as it can be seen from both directions.
Civic number signs are not to be located on your mailbox when it is on the opposite side of the road from your house.

If you have any questions about your civic number or how to post it, please call the Civic Addressing Coordinator, 1-902-532-3141.


For All Emergencies Call 911

Where to Purchase Blue & White Civic Number Signs

You may purchase your blue & white civic number sign from the Lions Clubs or private companies. Please check the list below for the location closest to you for placing your order. All signs are to be horizontal. Cost should be confirmed when ordering.

Deep Brook/Waldeck Lions Club:
Area covered: Annapolis/Digby County line to Old Post Road
Order Forms may be obtained from Lequille Country Store (902) 532-5362 or
Annapolis Home Hardware (902) 532-7080

Annapolis Lions Club:
Area covered: Old Post Road, Youngs Mountain Road, Spurr Road
Order Forms may be obtained from Lequille Country Store (902) 532-5362 or
Annapolis Home Hardware (902) 532-7080

Order forms may be obtained from Myra Holdright, Maitland Bridge Post Office

Bridgetown Lions Club:
Area covered: Youngs Mountain Road, Spurr Road, Railway Crossing,
Paradise Lane
We are in the process of trying to find a contact name & number.

Lawrencetown Lions Club:
Area covered: East End of Annapolis County
We are in the process of trying to find a contact name & number.

Kingston Lions Club:
Area covered: Eastern End of Annapolis County
Club Phone Number:  902-765-2128 Leave your name & number, they will call you back.

All Areas:

Signs & Designs (902) 665-2494

Integrity Printing (902) 665-4424
29 Queen Street, Bridgetown

Digby Signs Inc.
184 Victoria Street, Digby
(902) 245-8195

Your Civic Address is comprised of 4 parts:

1. Civic Number
2. Road or Street Name
3. Community Name
4. County

Example: 396 Main Street, Lawrencetown, Annapolis County
It is very important to provide all 4 parts of the civic address when calling 911. Since 911 is Province wide, you will also be asked which county you are located in.

A civic address is necessary for:

Emergency Response – Ambulance, Police & Fire
Mail Delivery – your civic address must form part of your mailing address
Driver's License
Medical & Security Alert Systems
Utility Hook-ups
Service Delivery

All uses where people live, work, play or spend time on a regular basis should have a civic address and should have the civic number posted. Even seasonal activities should have a civic address. Civic addresses are not assigned to vacant land unless a consistent use is occurring there. If you are unsure, please contact: Civic Addressing Coordinator at 1-902-532-3141

Private Roads

If you live on a private road, the private road name sign must be posted.
Private road signs are to be posted using white lettering on a blue background, reflective and visible from both directions.
Private road signs are the responsibility of the property owner(s).
If you are unsure that your private road has a name or if you would like to name a private road or need help in obtaining a road sign, please call 1-902-532-3141. 
If you are installing a road sign within the right of way of the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal Road, you must apply for a permit, see your local TIR office, Middleton or Lequille.

Building A New House

If you are building a new house, your civic address will be assigned to you when your building permit is issued


If you are a landlord or tenant, make sure you know the civic address to your building and the apartment or unit number. Have it posted

Cell Phones

Cellular phones are not land linked to the emergency 911 database and therefore will not display your location when calling 911. When travelling in remote areas, give as much information as possible so that the emergency responders can locate you.

Highway Markers

The 100 Series Highways all have kilometre distance signs to aid in giving a more accurate location when calling 911. These signs tell the highway number, direction of travel and location.  Watch for them along the highway.

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