2024-25 Sewer Rates

Bridgetown Sewer Rates:

Base Rate $23.98 per quarter and $2.19 per cubic meter

Annapolis County Sewer Rates:

$609.28 per equivalent unit per annum

The County of Annapolis provides sewer service and operates three sewage treatment plants in Nictaux, Bridgetown, and Cornwallis Park. We also provide sewer service to residents on Junction Road, in Lequille, Granville Ferry, Bear River, and in Deep Brook through agreements with neighbouring municipalities.

Our staff closely monitor treatment protocols as determined by Nova Scotia Environment. Municipal Staff collect and test samples on a weekly basis at an independent lab and report the results to Nova Scotia Environment. Inspections and required repairs are carried out to all plants and systems as needed, and a computerized monitoring system scans each system 24 hours a day and alerts our staff to any issues that may arise immediately. In addition, staff are available by phone 24 hours a day to respond to service interruptions.

Sewer Connection:

If you are building in an area of sewer service and would like to request to be connected to the system please fill out this form here:  Click Here

Drop off of the application and payment can be submitted to the following location:

  • Annapolis Royal Municipal Administration Office, 752 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal

Sewer System Maps:

Click Here

Sewer Billing:

Sewer billing takes place annually in May, or quarterly with your water bill in Bridgetown. Bills are mailed out to customers by post. Overdue accounts will be subject to interest charges.

If you are a current sewer customer and have a concern or question about your bill or payments please contact the finance department at 902-532-2331.

Payment Options:

There are several methods in order to conveniently pay your sewer bill.

  • In person at the Annapolis Royal (752 St. George Street) County Office using cash, cheque, or debit.
  • Local financial institutions- check with your bank directly to confirm availability.
  • Online Banking through your financial institution.
  • Online with your Visa or Mastercard with debit (please click the "Make a Payment" button  on the right side of this screen)
Private Septic Systems:

For information and resources on private septic systems, please visit Nova Scotia Environment’s website:   Click Here

Sewer Bylaws:

S7 Sewer Connection Bylaw            Click Here

M10 Sewer Charges Bylaw              Click Here

Bridgetown Sewer Bylaw S1            Click Here

Bridgetown Sewer Bylaw S2            Click Here

Bridgetown Sewer Charge Bylaw     Click Here