Council Group

From left (back row): Councillor David Hudson (Dist. 7), Councillor Brian “Fuzzy” Connell (Dist. 2), Councillor Diane LeBlanc (Dist. 11), Councillor Clyde Barteaux (Dist. 4), Councillor Michael Gunn (Dist. 8), Councillor Bruce Prout (Dist. 1), Councillor Dustin Enslow (Dist. 3), and Municipal Clerk Carolyn Young

From left (front row): Councillor Wendy Sheridan (Dist. 9), Deputy Warden Brad Redden (Dist. 10), Warden Alex Morrison (Dist. 6), Chief Administrative Officer Chris McNeill, and Councillor Lynn Longmire (Dist. 5)


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