Free PFD Loan-Out Program

Take advantage of the County's new, free loan-out program of PFD’s (Personal Floatation Device) being offered to the public.

People can sign out PFDs at both the Municipal Office, Bridgetown (271 Granville St.) and at Raven Haven Beachside Family Park (2239 Virginia Road, West Springhill, Sandy Bottom Lake). It is an initiative that allows individuals access to the proper resources to engage safely in any boating activity.

For more information on this program contact our Bridgetown office at (902) 665-4637 or email Nancy.

Shown below is former Warden Reg Ritchie and Recreation Manager Debra Ryan holding up some of the PFDs that are available to the public through the County's new free PFD Loan-Out Program.

PFD Loan Out Program small version