Annapolis County's Parks, Trails and Open Spaces

Enjoy your look through Annapolis County's Parks, Trail & Open Spaces brochure. Please take note, #43 (Upper Clements Parks) no longer has a wildlife park but has grown to include an outdoor adventure park and #42 is no longer available as a picnic park.  

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Annapolis County's Parks, Old Mill, Springfield Union Picnic Grounds, Cottage Cove Provincial Park, Lawrencetown Village Walk, boat launch, Port Lorne Wharf, Hampton Beach Lighthouse, Valley View Park

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Bridgetown Cyprus Walk, Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Park, Heb's Landing, Trans Canada Trail, Belleisle Marsh, Young's Mountain Road, Annapolis River, Annapolis Causeway, Fort Anne, Historic Gardens, French Basin Trail

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Downtown Walking, Lower St. George Street Playground, Bishop Park, Lequille Grist Mill, Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness, Raven Haven Beahside Family Park, Kejimikujik, Melanson Settlement, Port Royal, Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail, Victoria Beach

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Oak Point Beach, Upper Clements Park, Upper Clements Picnic park, Veterans Memorial Park, Cornwallis Tidal Park, Bear River, Young's Cove

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