Old Mill Trail - Video

The Old Mill Trail was created in Old Mill Subdivision as a riverside park and included accessible pathways that are flat and easy to use for families and for folks with mobility issues or in a wheelchair . It is located at 213 Adam Drive in South Farmington, Annapolis County.

The county received the first land parcel as part of the 5 percent parks levy requirement as it relates to the subdivision process and built a small park.

Years later the developer and owner donated a parcel of land to the county and the municipality purchased an extra lot to expand the pathway park along the river.

As a acknowledgement for the donation we designated Baltzer Look Off to acknowledge the generous donation.

The park consists of a paved parking lot, 800 metres of accessibility pathway, picnic tables and benches.

Many volunteers and groups were involved in the building of the second phase of the trail pathway.

Enjoy the video which showcases Old Mill Trail and visit the trail when you can!