Canoe Annapolis County Route 5 - Flanders Meadows

Route 5 – Flanders Meadows

Route 5 is also catalogued in this guide as an overnight route, but offers several day trip opportunities
as well.

The route consists of a long, meandering stillwater and five lakes, four of which are relatively small.

The fifth, known locally as Big Lake, was created when Nova Scotia Power flooded the original Mulgrave and
Fairbanks Lakes, and forms part of their Sissiboo Development. Flanders Meadows offers several kilometres
of flat water paddling through a marsh environment. The Northeast Lakes are two separate lakes connected
by a navigable runs, with rocky shorelines and secluded coves. Big Lake is relatively shallow and open to
prevailing westerly winds, and therefore must be approached with caution and attention to wind and weather
conditions, but offers many kilometres of varying shoreline and islands to explore.

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