Canoe Annapolis County Route 14 - Lake Alma

Route 14 – Lake Alma

The route consists of four lakes varying in size from very small to very large and convoluted. Big Kelly
Bog is a pleasant, meandering meadow that eventually broadens out into Big Molly Upsim Lake. The lake is
dotted with innumerable islands, points, and coves that offer hours of exploration. Threading a course
southward through the lake is an interesting, if somewhat challenging, orienteering exercise. Big Molly should
be approached with caution in unfavourable wind conditions, yet the many islands and points will offer natural
wind breaks to the paddler.

Little Molly Upsim Lake is quite small in comparison, as is Kelly Lake. Lake Alma was the site,
generations ago, of extensive log driving activities, and remains of the wooden dams and sluiceways can still
be seen. Caution is advised when approaching these structures, as the channels still bear the remnants of
submerged timbers and their accompanying iron rods, fittings and spikes. More recent logging activity is also
evident in the area, and the paddler may encounter vehicles and large trucks on the portage from Kelly Lake
to Lake Alma.

Lake Alma serves also as an Entry, Exit point for Route 7, Hendry Lake and its connection to the
Milford Lakes system, Route 4. The lake is also the only Entry point for Route 21, East Branch Medway River.

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