2024 Volunteer Nominations

Volunteers are an important part of our community. They coach teams and direct community theatre. They respond to fires and look for missing persons. They spearhead community events and development initiatives. Nominate your favourite community volunteer today. 

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2023 Annapolis Co Community Events Guide COVER
2024 Community Events Guide
It is time to gather information for our 2024 Community Events Guide.
Review your family emergency plan and check emergency kit supplies:
Sit down with your children to talk about different kinds of emergencies and review your family emergency plan. Talk about what to do and where you will meet if you are not together when an emergency takes place. Involve your children in preparing an emergency kit or checking your emergency supplies to make sure you have key items on hand and check expiry dates on batteries and food. Use this list as your guide. Fall and Spring are also good times to check and replace batteries from your fire alarms.

Be aware of school emergency procedures:
Ask the school about their plan for emergencies and read any information they provide about emergency procedures and alternate locations should an emergency take place. Ensure the school has current emergency contact information for your children, including work, cellular and home telephone numbers.
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