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Annapolis County Internet Agreement Completed

Update Friday, May 18, 2018
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Update Thursday, May 17, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                               May 17, 2018

 Annapolis County Internet Agreement Completed

WardenTimothyHabinskiWarden Timothy Habinski(ANNAPOLIS COUNTY, NS) The Municipality of the County of Annapolis announced today that a final agreement has been concluded with Mainland Telecom Inc. to begin provision of internet infrastructure throughout Annapolis County.

 “We have been working hard over the past ten months to hammer out the final details of the funding agreement, and now we’ve signed off on the deal”, said Annapolis County Warden Timothy Habinski.

“Top level internet connectivity throughout the County was the first priority of Council’s Economic Development Strategy, and I am delighted that we are now in a position to finally move forward”, the Warden declared.

Last year the Municipality of the County of Annapolis Council approved a Temporary Borrowing Resolution (TBR) that put forward a formal request to the Province of Nova Scotia stating the County’s intent to borrow $13,000,000 to build back bone fibre optic cable in key areas within the County boundaries.

Councillor MacDonald Passionate Expression Of GratitudeCouncillor MacDonald Passionate Expression Of GratitudeDeputy Warden Read ResolutionsDeputy Warden Read ResolutionsThe Province approved the request in June 2017, and the Municipality then entered into active and detailed negotiations with Mainland Telecom Inc., the Annapolis Valley based company chosen from a list of companies to design, build, and provide fibre optic internet service for County homes and businesses.

“As in most cases where parties enter into complex negotiation the devil was in the details, and we wanted to work out an agreement that would protect the interest of our residents, provide them with the service they urgently need, and to be beneficial for both the Municipality and for Mainland Telecom Inc. We believe we have achieved that balance.  Now the real work can begin”.

"The ongoing negotiations focused on a risk mitigation approach to the Fibre Optic Cable 

John Ferguson CAOJohn Ferguson CAO

Build while recognizing a need to reach as many citizens and businesses. Mainland Telecom Inc. and the County were thorough in their approach to negotiations and the details were widespread and comprehensive” said Annapolis County Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) John Ferguson. 

The fibre optic build is planned to begin during this year’s construction season and once the project is underway Mainland Telecom Inc. expects to have 3-4 separate crews working within Annapolis County.  The fibre optic build is anticipated to take approximately 28 months.  There is more information to follow. Stay tuned!

The Municipality will initiate a communications process that will keep residents and businesses up to date as this project progresses.


Signatures and WitnessesSignatures and Witnesses  Warden SignatureWarden SignatureClerk SignatureClerk Signature

 For Additional Information contact:                                    John Ferguson

                                                                                    Chief Administrative Officer

                                                                                    Municipality of the County of Annapolis

                                                                                    902 526-0478


Update:  Thursday, March 22, 2018

Contract negotiations are still underway that will see fibre optic cable built with in Annapolis County.  

We appreciate everyone`s patience on this very important and exciting project as staff are working diligently to ensure the success of this project, now and into the future.

A media release will coincide with the signing of the contracts.  

Update: December 4, 2017

Fibre Internet in the County of Annapolis. 

 We are still in negotiations for the contracts that will see fibre optic cable built with in Annapolis County. 

We are very near to having these contracts finalized and signed.  We appreciate everyone`s patience on this very important project. 

There will be a media release for the signing of the documents – when negotiations are finalized.

Update: October 2nd 2017

Annapolis County set to begin laying fibre optic cable
for $18-million internet project

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