Efficiency Nova Scotia: Holiday Light Exchange 2015

Efficiency Nova Scotia’s LED Holiday Light Exchange is back!

Throughout the holiday season, Efficiency Nova Scotia visits communities across the province, spreading holiday cheer and speaking one-on-one with Nova Scotians about the power of energy efficiency and the services we offer.

Last year, 118 events were held in communities around the province, 13,000 sets of traditional holiday lights were exchanged and recycled, and we reached close to 24,000 people.

Who:  Efficiency Nova Scotia and your community!

What:  Holiday Light Exchange

Residents bring two sets of traditional (incandescent) holiday lights to the event and receive one set of efficient LEDs from Efficiency Nova Scotia. Supplies are limited; therefore only one set of LEDs will be exchanged per family.

Representatives from Efficiency Nova Scotia will be present at each event to answer any questions about energy efficiency, the services we offer, and how we can help attendees save energy and money.

When: Anytime between mid-November and mid-December

Where:  Your local tree lighting or seasonal ceremony, such as a parade or festival. The event must offer access to a source of power, overhead protection (if outdoors), and temporary storage of the traditional (incandescent) lights.

Why:  LEDs use 95% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last at least 10 times longer. They are also durable and safe—with no filaments or glass to break - and produce very little heat, reducing the risk of fire. This program also gives Efficiency Nova Scotia a chance to talk one-on-one with Nova Scotians about energy efficiency and the services we offer to help them keep their power bills as low as they can be.

How:  Complete the attached form and return no later than Friday October 23, 2015.

Disclaimer:  ­­Thank you for your interest in the 2015 Holiday Light Exchange! Please note that submitting a form does not guarantee that we will be able to host a light exchange at your event.

2015 Holiday Light Exchange Interest Form

1.    Community______________________________

2.    Organization:__________________________

3.    Did your organization participate in the 2014 Holiday Light Exchange?______

4.    Contact information

a.    Contact name:________________

b.    Email:___________________

c.    Phone:________________Cell phone:_____________________

d.    Address:_____________________________________________

e.    Address to ship LEDs to:____________________________­


5.    Event

a.    Name: ___________________________________________

b.    Date:____________________

c.    Time:___________________

d.    Location:_________________

6.    Anticipated number of participants at the event:_____________

7.    How many volunteers are available to help at this event?______________

8.    Will you be able to provide:

a.    A safe space to facilitate the light exchange, including overhead protection (if outdoors)?______

b.    A power supply and extension cord (for testing bulbs)?__________

c.    A table for display of an event banner?________

d.    A secure space for temporary storage of old bulbs?_________

                                  i.    Contact name:_______________________

                                 ii.    Address:___________________________

                                iii.    Phone number:______________________

9.    Please describe how you plan to advertise for the HLE event in your community:



10.  Feedback and suggestions to improve HLE events in 2015:



Once this document has been completed, you can return it by the following:

Email: 2015holidaylightexchange@gmail.com

Phone: (902)420-0709 x 103

Fax: (902) 406-3699

Please note the deadline for registration is October 23, 2015.  Thank you!