Upper Clements Trails Offers All Ability Accessible Trail

Public and delegates gathered in Upper Clements on June 22nd, to explore, celebrate, and officially open Upper Clements Trails newest addition – Moon Mist All Ability Accessible Trail.

Hon. Jill Balser, MLA Digby/Annapolis, joined Warden Alex Morrison in the opening of the Moon Mist All Ability Accessible Trail to compliment the county on its vision and leadership working with the Annapolis Basin Outdoor Adventures Society (ABOA) to create this all-inclusive trail, and announced over $70,000 in provincial funding to support this initiative and the many other trail expansions in the works.  

“The partnership among the province, county, and ABOA has allowed for the creation of something magnificent,” said Annapolis County Warden Alex Morrison. “This new addition will strengthen community through physical activity, while fostering social connections and stewardship of public spaces. It will broaden the appeal to seniors and differently abled persons, which will improve conditions around mobility, seeing, hearing, autistic, and mental health.”

Approximately, 50 people joined in the festivities including Dawn Stegen, Executive Director of the NS Accessibility Directorate, who praised the county and ABOA in breaking down barriers to create more accessible opportunities for all citizens.

Members of the Annapolis County Accessibility Advisory Committee were also on hand with Chair John Smith sharing his thoughts on how important and significant this trail opening was for everyone. He noted, as a wheelchair user, he had explored the looped trail and was very impressed with the trail construction and insight to its accessible design that will benefit users with different abilities.

The Moon Mist All Ability Accessible Trail offers a flat, even-graded pathway that is 5 ft wide and built to accessible standards. It is a 550 m looped pathway that offers large font signage. It takes trail users by the trail kiosk and through a wooded area to a look-off where there is a view of Ryerson Brook and Ravine. There are picnic tables and rest stops that provide quiet areas, and a pathway with wooden sides to define the perimeter to allow for easier navigation for all users.

Upper Clements Trails is a year-round outdoor destination, which presently has over 14 kms of trails available to explore.

Moon Mist All Ability Accessible Trail Ribbon Cutting

From Left: Councillor Lynn Longmire (County of Annapolis); John Smith, Chair Annapolis County Accessibility Advisory Committee (ACAAC); Dawn Stegen, Executive Director NS Accessible Directorate; Hon. Jill Balser, MLA Digby/Annapolis; Warden Alex Morrison (County of Annapolis); Adam Moreland, Past President Annapolis Basin Outdoor Adventures Society (ABOA); Amanda Sin, Secretary ABOA; Lester Bartson, member ACAAC; Kaesy Gladwin, Treasurer ABOA; Derik Smith, President ABOA; and Debra Ryan, Director of Community Development (County of Annapolis)