Council Highlights May 21, 2024

Commercial Activity on Municipal Property: Municipal Council authorized the Clerk to issue a Vendor on Municipal Property permit for the 2024-25 fiscal year to Tom Marshall, Tom’s Cool Bus Canteen, at the Annapolis River Causeway Park, and further to request staff to issue a temporary permit for a two-week period effective May 8, 2024.

Review of Duplicate Road Names: Municipal Council will initiate the road name review process to review the duplicate road name of Pleasant Street in Wilmot and Pleasant Street in Melvern Square.


Municipal Council repealed the following policies:

  • AM – 2.7.8 Covid-19 Vaccination Policy
  • AM – 2.7.9 Covid-19 Response Policy
  • AM – 6.2.1 Covid-19 Property Tax Financing Program Policy
  • AM – 1.4.10 Annapolis County Fire Services Association Grant Policy

Valley Waste Service Agreement Extension: Municipal Council authorized staff to provide notice of intention to Valley Waste-Resource Management on or before July 1, 2024, expressing that the Municipality wishes to extend or renew the service agreement beyond March 31, 2025.

MTRI Woodlands for Wildlife Program (Hollow Mountain Road): Municipal Council approved entering into an agreement with Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute for part of Hollow Mtn. Rd.  for their Woodlands for Wildlife program, provided the protection does not impact the future development of the remaining lands.

Ecological Forestry (Graywood): Municipal Council will further develop the ecological forestry initiative on the Graywood location and neighbouring lots owned by the County.

Letters of Support:

Community Solar Program: Municipal Council will provide a letter of support 4579183 Nova Scotia Ltd. in support of their application to the Province of Nova Scotia for a Community Solar Project on lands of 196 Brooklyn Rd., Brooklyn.

Save Our Old Forests (SOOF) – Municipal council will send a letter of support to SOOF, who are requesting Beals Brook and Goldsmith Lake Wilderness Areas be designated by the province as protected sites.

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