County Welcomes Active Living Coordinator to Municipal Team

County of Annapolis is pleased to partner with the Province to bring the Municipal Physical Activity Program (MPAL) to Annapolis County, encouraging increased physical activity and healthier lifestyles.

The MPAL program is a cost-shared partnership between municipalities and the NS Department of Community Culture, Tourism & Heritage, Communities, Sport & Recreation. One of the main components of this program is the development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive physical activity strategy. The strategy's aim is to raise awareness and increase participation in structured and unstructured physical activity at a local level.

Through this program, Kyle Garde has been hired as the County’s new Active Living Coordinator.  

“We are thrilled to have Kyle join the Municipal team,” said Warden Alex Morrison. “He is a local youth with much ambition and energy. The County will greatly benefit from Kyle’s training, experience, and his desire to make his home, Annapolis County, a healthier, better place for everyone.”

“We are excited to have Annapolis County join the Municipal Physical Activity Leadership Program that will help develop a comprehensive physical activity strategy. We look forward to working with Kyle and seeing all the amazing ways that Annapolis County can increase their daily movement throughout their numerous communities,” remarked Anna Sherwood, Regional Manager for NS Dept of Community Culture, Tourism & Heritage, Communities, Sport & Recreation.

Kyle grew up just outside of the community of Bridgetown. He attended Bridgetown Regional Community School (BRCS) and continued his education at St. Francis Xavier University (STFX) where he recently graduated with a degree in Kinesiology. During his school years, he spent five summers working in the Recreation Department with the Town of Middleton, and last summer as the Annapolis County Recreation Summer Intern. Whether it be school sports, summer internships, or his chosen career path, the opportunity to promote healthy living has always been his goal.

“My passion has always been sports, outdoor recreation, and physical activity,” noted Kyle. “I feel very fortunate to have a job that allows me the chance to share this passion with everyone, and help guide them towards a healthier lifestyle,” said Kyle.

He admits what excites him most about his new position is the prospect of connecting with Annapolis County residents and introducing them to new programs that will help them discover the fun and importance of physical activity.

“Being an Active Living Coordinator for the County of Annapolis is the perfect fit for my career goals and aspirations,” noted Kyle. “It allows me the opportunity to do what I love in my hometown and, hopefully, play a major role in building a healthier more active Annapolis County.”

His future plans include reviving some favourite programs/projects, the development of the 5-year Active Living Strategy to support Annapolis County residents, building partnerships with local businesses, organizations and communities, and learning more about what residents want and need to help them along their journey towards a healthier and more active future.

Kyle welcomes people to reach out to him to share ideas. He can be contacted at or by phone at (902) 955-0273.