Annapolis Co. Council Highlights (September 27-22)

Please be advised, this information represents only highlights taken from the Municipal Council meeting. If you wish to see the Council meeting in its entirety, it will be posted to the Annapolis County Municipal Channel (

September 27, 2022


Community Grants:

Municipal Council approved the following community grants:

  • Clarence Community Club - $2,400
  • West Dalhousie Community Hall Association - $1,240.80
  • Upper Clements District Community Association - $1,760
  • Bridgetown and Area Chamber of Commerce Society - $4,000
  • Annapolis Region Community Arts Council - $1,000
  • North Queens Business Centre & Innovation Hub Coop Ltd. - $5,000

Fire Services:

Council approved the release of funds from the Capital Fire Services Reserve to:

  • Margaretsville & District Volunteer Fire Department - $25,000
  • Nictaux & District Volunteer Fire Department - $25,000

Cornwallis Tidal Beach Park – Municipal Council approved capital funding in the amount of $15,000 from the Parks Levy account for the development of the new park at Cornwallis Park bordering the tidal beach on land owned by the County.

Upper Clements Land (South side) – Municipal Council approved capital funding in the amount of $22,000 from the Recreation, Culture and Heritage account to the Annapolis Basin Outdoor Adventures Society for the first phase of active multi-purpose trail development at the Upper Clements south side to create seven kilometers of Mountain Bike trails that will also include opportunities for hiking, snowshoeing and adaptive trail development. The development will take place October – November 2022.

Municipal Council approved the following citizen appointments/extensions:

Bridgetown Area Advisory Committee – Steve Campbell, Horace Hurlburt, Grant Wright, and Nancy McGarth

Cornwallis Park Area Advisory Committee – John (Chuck) Ryan, Benjamin Forsyth, Merwin Clayton, Teresa Hannam, and Lynn Boudreau

East End Area Advisory Committee – Craig Parson, Derik R. DeWolfe, Mark Kinsman, and Karie-Ann Parsons-Saltzman

Habitation Area Advisory Committee – Andi Rierden, Susan Tooke, Carl DeNuke, Ryan Schaffrick, and Zachery Winchester

Upper Clements Area Advisory Committee – Kenneth Knox, Ian Davidson, Martin-Henri Villeneuve, and Don Moar