County of Annapolis Staff Make Move to One Building

As renovations near completion, Municipal staff in Lawrencetown are preparing to join their coworkers in Annapolis Royal.

On April 19th, Municipal Council approved the move of Lawrencetown staff to the Municipal Administration Building in Annapolis Royal. This will see a consolidation of municipal staff to one building with the County’s Planning Department and Protective Services re-locating to Annapolis Royal over the next few weeks.   

“We are very pleased to have County staff located under one roof,” said Annapolis County Warden Alan Parish. “After much discussion and consideration, Municipal Council felt this move would improve efficiency among staff, while generating a productive service for our residents.”

“The pandemic has taught us how to adapt to maintain contact with the public. In addition to the option of online access to permits, bill payments, etc., we (Council) are certain that staff will make themselves available to people whenever the need arises. Access by the public to any of our services will always be a priority.”

The majority of the renovations in the Annapolis Administration Building are taking place in the downstairs with the creation of nine more offices, a meeting room and a break room, all following accessibility standards; as well as IT communication upgrades. There are also plans to make improvements to the upstairs lobby area.

The Lawrencetown Municipal Office will be closed to the public commencing August 1st with services being maintained through telephone communications for the Building Officials. It is estimated that all former Lawrencetown services will be transferred to the Annapolis Municipal Office by August 5th. These services, such as development permits, payment of water/sewer, taxes, etc. will be available in Annapolis, as well as online. For any planning matters, the Planners and the Manager of Inspection Services/ Development Officer, will be available to meet people in the Lawrencetown Municipal Office by appointment during the transition.

“This decision was the most cost-effective method to bring staff together in a timely manner,” said Annapolis County CAO David Dick. “Having everyone under one roof will improve communication among staff and bring us together as a more solidified working unit.”

The public is encouraged to click here for staff contact information