County of Annapolis Launches Bridgetown's Queen Street Makeover

The County of Annapolis is gearing up an approximate $1.7 million makeover for Bridgetown’s Queen Street.

It is anticipated the renovation project will commence mid-May with a completion date no later than October. It will be carried out between the intersection of Queen Street/Granville Street and Queen Street/Centennial Drive at a length of 172 meters. The project is being funded by federal, provincial and municipal monies.

“This project is an enormous undertaking and we look forward to substantial improvements on Queen Street lasting long into the future," said Annapolis County Warden, Alan Parish. “The Bridgetown community will be enhanced in its function, accessibility and appearance."

During the construction period, Queen Street will be closed to vehicular traffic; however, every effort will be made to keep the sidewalks open by using alternative parking areas and fenced in sidewalks. Temporary water and waste water connections will be provided to the buildings throughout the construction period.

Upon completion of the project, the one-way traffic flow will be maintained but residents will still see many changes happening along Queen Street. The project will entail:

  • The removal and replacement of existing infrastructure, road, and sidewalks; with sidewalk design meeting the latest accessibility requirements
  • Splitting the storm water from the existing combined sewer system allowing greater efficiency at the treatment plant
  • New potable water main, curb stops, and fire hydrants being installed
  • Removal of the existing trees; replaced with ornamental trees
  • Additional lighting at the crosswalks, providing enhanced lighting along the street to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorist, with an additional feature of advertising banner brackets and power outlets for Christmas lights
  • New pedestrian crossing areas being installed to enable clear visibility around any parked vehicles, as well as incorporating a new design to allow better access for street cleaning/snow removal

During this project Nova Scotia Power and Bell Aliant will replace all the utility polls in the construction zone, as well as tidy up the cabling.

“We understand there will be some disruption during the project’s implementation,” said Annapolis County CAO David Dick. “But, we hope residents and business owners agree the long-term benefits and overall improvements being developed will far outweigh the temporary inconveniences. Everyone involved is working hard to minimize any disturbances throughout the project’s duration.”

The demolition and construction is being overseen by the project management team from the design engineers (Design Point, Halifax) and the County of Annapolis.

The public is invited to an Open House at the former Bridgetown Municipal Office (271 Granville St.) on Tuesday, May 10th, 2:00 – 6:00 pm to view the plans and chat with Annapolis County Engineering Technician, Mark Coles.