Annapolis County Pilot Internet Project Kick-Off


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An exciting new pilot project between Seaside Communications and the Municipality of the County of Annapolis is bringing reliable, high speed internet to Annapolis County.

The Annapolis County Pilot Internet Project is an agreement between Seaside Communications and the Municipality of the County of Annapolis, which will see an initial 10 residential households supplied with internet service at gigabit speeds, allowing for ample connectivity for everyone in their household with all of their devices.

Seaside1This pilot project, already under way, is the first to bring such blazing speeds to the area. The 10 households selected reflect a representative group of Annapolis area homes requiring internet service. With the installation of internet modems and wireless routers, these initial participants are able to use Wi-Fi throughout their homes while providing necessary feedback through the end of the year, when additional customer installation bookings are set to begin.

Seaside2“The actual fibre construction will now result in a savings of approximately $3 million, keeping this important project on time and on budget for the benefit of all the residents and taxpayers of Annapolis County,” said Timothy Habinski, municipal warden.

“Having access to this internet service gives us the ability to do so many more things directly from home.” says area resident Ashley Clements, who with her fiancé and two children, owns two properties that include a wood mill and a chicken farm. “Especially with COVID-19 restrictions upon us, having the internet to help with school learning, perform daily tasks such as online banking, and even the ability to access farm-related technology, is important to us.”

Residents of Annapolis County can find more information about the Municipality of the County of Annapolis Internet Initiative by visiting or by calling 1-888-235-0092.

Media Contacts:

Angela Bresson
Seaside Communications
1-902-539-6250 ext 362

Lawrence Powell
Municipality of the County of Annapolis

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