The Municipality of the County of Annapolis (hereunder referred to as “the County”) is a Municipal unit located in Nova Scotia, Canada. The County is dedicated to the prosperity of the region, local residents and businesses, and its stakeholders.

The County purchased the Upper Clements Family Theme Park and properties (“the Park”) in early 2020.  This purchase was the first milestone towards the development of Gordonstoun Nova Scotia.  Gordonstoun Nova Scotia Project will be the first franchise to open for this prominent educational institution.

The Upper Clements Family Theme Park has been an important tourism attraction and employment generator for the area for over 30 years. The Park’s board worked hard to keep the Park open and safe, however due to ongoing financial difficulties this became too much.  Despite the great efforts of the Park’s volunteer board and funding support from various levels of government, the Park was unable to continue to remain open.

As one opportunity comes to an end another opportunity is welcomed.

The County is excited to be involved in such an integral project and to share in the prosperity the new school will bring to the region, local residents and businesses, and its stakeholders.


The County is governed by the Municipal Government Act. All information submitted through this Expression of Interest will be kept confidential. Part XX, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, of the Act defines these requirements as per section 481. 

All documents, information and material developed by the Respondents shall be treated as confidential unless the Respondent is advised otherwise, in writing, by the Municipality of the County of Annapolis.

The Respondent is hereby further advised that any information provided by the County is to be treated as confidential and shall not be provided to a third party without prior written consent of the Chief Administrative Officer.


The County is inviting EOI’s from interested respondents for the liquidation of the assets of the former Upper Clements Family Theme Parks.  These assets range from souvenir inventory, tables and chairs, café equipment and supplies, ice cream & popcorn machines to paddle boats, mechanical rides (flume, carousel and Ferris wheel etc..), buildings, and many more items. (A general list and photos of assets will be provided to registered respondents– the County does not guarantee all items listed to be included prior to registration of the EOI or prior to the site visit). 

The County does not guarantee working condition of the assets.  Each asset is offered in “As is” condition.

All respondents are required to register for the designated day site visit or register their intent to respond to the EOI by September 15th, 2020, in writing via email for the identification of assets the EOI relates to.

Site Visit Dates:

September 22, 2020 – to view contents within designated buildings as indicated on the asset list.

September 23, 2020 – to view rides and play structures etc., as indicated on the asset list.

Registration contact:  Janice Young -

Only those who have registered will be permitted to view the site and or submit a proposal.

The expression of interest submissions will be evaluated on their own merit. Only respondents to the expression of interest will be eligible to submit a Proposal.

The County reserves the right to:

  • Seek clarity on information provided during this process; and
  • Conduct a further selection process (i.e. Request for Proposal)
  • Will provide a list of assets to registrants. Site visits can be arranged.


All expressions of interest must be submitted as outlined below. Any expression of interest’s that are not submitted in accordance with the process outlined below will not be considered until all submissions are considered.

The County reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to accept or reject any or all submissions.
Submissions must be received no later than October 9th, 2020 2:00 pm AST via email to:

Include in subject line:  EOI-Asset Liquidation

A confirmation email of receipt must be obtained from the County by the respondent otherwise the submission has not been received by the County.  Links to external content will not be evaluated.

What to Include

Submissions must be easy to read and void of irrelevant information, complicated language, abbreviations, and uncommon terms.

Please note “project” refers to any project, initiative, effort, task, or action that works towards the objectives previously outlined.

The County is expecting submissions to include:

  • No more than five (5) pages total
  • Background on the respondent(s) and related organization (if applicable)
  • Proposed offer to purchase (please clearly state the amount ($) of your offer)
  • Proposed work plan, if necessary, to remove a large item that is intended to be purchased. (For example, if you were intending to purchase the Ferris wheel how would you intend to remove the Ferris wheel from the Upper Clements Park Site?
  • Proposed Start and Finish dates.
  • Brief description of any barriers/issues of the project
  • Why this project will be successful (i.e. capacity of the organization)
  • What is expected from the County?
  • Proposal offer to acquire assets identified in inventory list may include all or some of the items listed on the inventory list.

Questions / Inquiries

All questions and inquiries regarding this expression of interest should only be directed to:

Janice Young
County of Annapolis