Annapolis Broadband Construction -- Update 2020-06-03

What is happening now?

Nova Scotia Power Inc.  is responsible for the make ready work that includes estimating and then implementing tree clearing and, if required, pole replacements.  This work is performed to allow strand to be attached to the utility poles. Strand is the metal cable that will support the fibre optic cable. 

This work is in progress throughout Annapolis County.  Fibre optic cable will be strung after the strand is progressively in place.

Eagle Telecom is connecting strand as make readies are cleared and prepared.  Fibre installation on utility poles will follow.

Seaside Communications will be responsible for managing and operating the internet service.  Seaside Communications will be connecting homes once the fibre optic cable has been installed on the utility poles

The connection to homes will occur progressively.  For example, as fibre optic cable is strung by Eagle Telecom, Seaside Communications will follow and connect homes.

We will “direct mail” or “drop-off flyers” to residents when Seaside Communications is approaching your area to connect homes and businesses to the high-speed internet.

Further information will be made available.  Seaside Communications will be preparing their operations to assist with communication and service.

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2020 06 03 Annapolis Broadband Construction MapWeb