Basinview Pool Media Release

November 10, 2018

(Annapolis Royal, NS) Due to water leakage the Fundy YMCA pool may require extensive repairs.

The pool, located at the Basinview Centre in Cornwallis Park, Annapolis County, and an integral component of the Fundy Y, has been out of service for two months as staff from the Municipality of the County Annapolis investigate the source of recent water retention problems.

The facility is a vital lifestyle and wellness resource for the entire community with targeted programs developed for all ages including seniors.

The swimming facility has been experiencing chronic leakage issues since mid-summer and in spite of a number of efforts to determine the cause; including a series of detailed incremental drainage measurements to seek leaks followed by drain system repairs and pressure testing, no effective cause or solution has been identified.

“Our first approach has been to troubleshoot and stop any minor systemic leak. However, it appears we may have to cut into the concrete structure”, said Stephen McInnis, the Municipality’s Director of Municipal Operations, “We will be finalizing the troubleshooting and pressure testing process in the next several days.”

Municipality officials are in contact with contractors in Halifax with expertise in structural problems to conduct more intensive testing to determine the remedial requirements and establish a plan to implement them.

McInnis stated, “If a leak is not identified and stopped we will be cutting into the concrete to replace the required drainage components. This concrete work is more significant will require a longer repair time.”

The Fundy Y operates the facility on behalf of the Municipality and looks at that relationship as a positive and collective community team partnership.

The swimming pool, which opened in 2006, is a cornerstone component of the Fundy Y, but its operational mandate is wide and involves an extensive range of additional programs directed towards community lifestyle and wellness enhancement.

“The Fundy Y is a special place for our community to connect, build relationships and lead a healthy, active lifestyle’, said Yvonne Smith, CEO, YMCA of South West Nova Scotia, “And those are community objectives we have always fully and mutually supported in an active and unique collaboration with the Municipality of Annapolis”.

Acknowledging that the pool remediation remained a top priority for the facility, Smith added that staff were also looking at a variety of additional new land based programs to supplement its existing offerings.

“Our complete focus at the moment is on provision of innovative ways to continue to meet our community service goals”, she stated.

Warden Timothy Habinski said that the Municipality is very aware of the community, economic and health benefits impacted by an extended closure of the pool facility. The Municipality is committed to finding an effective and long term solution.

“We know what this facility means to our community and we are determined to find the problem and fix it”, Warden Habinski stated.

Municipal and Fundy Y staff will continue to update the facility members and the community on its findings and progress on a regular basis.


For additional information contact:          Stephen McInnis

Municipality of the County of Annapolis

902-665-4543 (w)

902-840-1082 (c)