Geocaching - Harvest Moon Trailway GeoArt Passport Series

Geocaching - Harvest Moon Trailway GeoArt Passport Series

This exciting new geocache passport series consists of three (3) GeoArts in the of H, M, T for the Harvest Moon Trailway. Collect the minimum number of geocaches required to receive a trackable geocoin. To solve the GeoArt you will need to know Optical telegraph (Chappe). 

The 110-kilometre (68 miles) Harvest Moon Trailway flows through the Annapolis Valley. Passing through beautiful towns along the former railbed, connecting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Grand PrĂ© to the historic town of Annapolis Royal. 

Great for off-road cycling, long-distance trekking, family hikes and ATV friendly this trail has over 15 trailhead kiosks and access points. Trail conditions are generally flat and smooth, however this can vary depending on the season/weather. 

Thank you to our partner volunteers for helping to make this series possible - NovaRiddlers NovaRiddlers logo
You can print the below passport or request a copy via email from:

HMT Geoart Passport 2021 pg1
 HMT Geoart Passport 2021 pg2