Grants To Community Organizations

Recognizing a need to streamline granting of funds to community organizations and charities, Municipal Council approved a new Community Grants Policy on April 19th, 2011.

Subject to annual review and at the discretion of Municipal Council, the general operating budget shall annually provide for grants to community organizations and charities. Total funding shall be determined by Council on an annual basis and shall not normally exceed 2.04 percent of the taxes for general municipal purposes levied by the municipality for that year.

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The following organizations may submit an application for a community grant:
· non-profit organization (under specific acts as identified within Subsection 65 of the Municipal Government Act);
· non-profit society (Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks); or
· registered Canadian charitable organization (Canada Revenue Agency).

Only one application per organization can be submitted under this policy in each funding year.

Applications are evaluated on the proposed project or service, not the sponsoring organization.

No project / initiative shall be considered for funding beyond three consecutive years.

The County reserves the right to deny any application deemed not within its mandate.

The deadline for grant applications is March 1st. Applications received after this date will be evaluated subject to available funds remaining in the program.

The County of Annapolis will not consider requests for which there are general (mass) appeals or marketing campaigns.

Each application received shall be reviewed by staff to ensure it meets the eligibility criteria prior to being submitted to Municipal Council for their consideration to approve grant funding.


Community Programs Assistance Fund 

Provides funds to non-profit community organizations to initiate or develop programs which support the delivery of municipal services or provide services to enhance community well-being and the quality of life. Grant awards are normally in the $500 to $1,000 range. Maximum assistance shall be up to 50% of the annual program cost to a maximum of $2,000. Grant applicants should be able to demonstrate active fundraising efforts to support the continuation of the program. No organization may receive funding for more than one program within any fiscal year. 

Marketing and Promotion Partnership Programs 

To provide funds to non-profit societies to advertise or promote business, industrial and tourism opportunities in the county. Priority shall be given for initiatives which:

· are in keeping with the strategic goals of the municipality;
· provide a substantial regional benefit; and
· promote and support meaningful partnerships and linkages within the community.

Maximum grants shall not normally exceed $5,000.

Community Heritage Grants for Lighthouses and Museums

Funds to non-profit or charitable organizations to:

· preserve, protect or rehabilitate lighthouses in the County of Annapolis;
· protect or promote the heritage and culture of the County of Annapolis; or
· leverage senior government funding for heritage and cultural initiatives.

Maximum grants shall not normally exceed $500.

Trails Assistance Program 
The program provides funding to established trails organizations to develop and operate public trails to serve the needs of all residents within the County of Annapolis. Eligible funding projects shall include capital projects relating to development, operation or maintenance of trails. Although no specific project may be funded in excess of three (3) years, trails organizations are encouraged to develop a long term strategic plan relating to capital projects for which specific phases may be considered for annual funding. Maximum grants shall not normally exceed $5,000 per year.

Capital Projects Assistance Program 

Funding requests shall be considered for the following categories:

Small Project Matching Grants

Eligible applications include initiatives that demonstrate significant benefit to the region or a high degree of creativity, innovation, unique appeal or benefit, as determined by the council. Awards are one-time grants and shall not normally exceed $5,000. Grant approval shall require proof of matching funds in cash and/or "in kind" contribution by the applicant.

Large Capital Pledge Grants

Applications shall only be considered for capital projects for facilities, programs and/or services the municipality would or might otherwise provide. Eligible capital expenditures shall be consistent with the accounting principles and requirements applicable to municipalities. Awards are one-time capital grants and shall not normally exceed $25,000. The municipality may pay capital pledge grants over two or more fiscal years, subject to the availability of funds as determined by the council. The grants are considered a contribution to non-owned assets which are made from operations and may be funded by a transfer from the operating reserve.

Community Halls And Centres

Formerly known as the Community Recreation Grant Program, Recreation Services is responsible for the administration of the Community Halls & Centres Assistance Program. This program is to provide funding to non-profit / charitable organizations or to trustees for property held for public use, to assist with: capital maintenance or repairs; facility upgrade or development; installation or replacement of fixtures, appliances or equipment; or to leverage senior government funding. The facility must be used for activities of a recreational, educational, environmental, cultural, community or social nature and be accessible for use by the general public. Religious sanctuaries, schools or facilities that are not available to the general public are not eligible to apply. Maximum grants shall not normally exceed $1,200. At the discretion of Municipal Council, a facility may be eligible for a grant of up to $2,400 if it exceeds 2,000 square feet in size. For more information, please click here to contact us.

Organizational Restructuring & Planning Grants  

Requests for funding shall only be considered for organizational restructuring and planning for non-profit organizations who are structured through a Board of Directors, employ staff and utilize volunteers. Awards are one-time organizational restructuring and planning grants and shall not normally exceed $20,000. The grants are considered a contribution to the organizational restructuring and planning to help build capacity and create efficiencies within the internal structure of the organization and may be funded by a transfer from the operating reserve.

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Harbour Authorities & Societies Capital Assistance Program (Under Policy AM-1.4.3)

This program is available to the Margaretsville, Port Lorne, Cottage Cove, Hampton, Parker's Cove, Delaps Cove, and Victoria Beach Harbour Authorities/Societies. The Program is intended to address two needs of incorporated Harbour Authorities and Societies: (1) "seed money" to leverage Federal and/or Provincial grants for large capital projects; and (2) assistance for small projects that address ongoing capital maintenance requirements. Accordingly, the program provides two types of conditional capital grants for improvements to harbours, wharves, and public landings in Annapolis County click hereto view a copy of the complete AM-1.4.3 Harbour Authorities & Societies Capital Assistance Program Policy

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