Open Letter to Residents

Read Commonly Asked Question "What About My Waste"  Click Here

Our new “Waste Hotline” is now active 1-833-360-2454,
as well as the new dedicated email

All inquiries regarding waste matters may now be referred to this phone or email


Please be advised, the waste hotline (1-833-360-2454) is presently experiencing a very high volume of calls. If your call is not being answered and/or you are unable to leave a message please try again later or email your inquiry to We are working diligently to answer and return all calls in a timely manner. Your patience is appreciated.


Calls will be answered between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. However, you are welcome to call the hotline after hours and leave a message. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible.


Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Community Centres and Halls

Community Halls & Centres are frequently referred to as the heart of the community and for good reason. It is most often here that much of a community’s activities reside such as wedding showers, baby showers, potluck community dinners and weekly jam sessions...just to name a few. The saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”, well it also takes one to maintain a Community Hall or Centre. It is here you will find numerous community members freely giving their time and efforts to ensure their facility is always ready for the next community gathering. The County of Annapolis is proud of the many Community Halls & Centres it has throughout the area; as well as the many volunteers who keep them operating so efficiently. 

The following is a list of Community Halls & Centres found throughout Annapolis County along with contact information for each one. If there is information you would like to update, add to a listing, or if you have an image of the Community Hall or Centre you would like included with the information, please contact our Communications Coordinator.

Centres and Halls

Bear River Oakdene Centre
1913 Clementsvale Road, Bear River
(902) 467-3101

Brickton Community Hall
12062 Highway 1, Brickton
(902) 584-3047

Centrelea Community Club
3495 Highway 201, Centrelea
(902) 665-2969

Clarence Community Club
3337 Clarence Road, Clarence East
(902) 584-3735

Cornwallis Park Community Association
734 Broadway Avenue, Cornwallis Park
(902) 638-3164

West Dalhousie Community Hall
4868 West Dalhousie Road, West Dalhousie
(902) 665-2355

Deep Brook Waldec Lions Club
948 Highway 1, Deep Brook
(902) 638-0431

Forest Glade Community Hall
745 Forest Glade Road, Forest Glade
(902) 765-4060

 Forrester's Hall
3434 Clementsvale Road, Clementsvale
(902) 955-3409

Fundy Community & Recreation Club
5407 Shore Road, Youngs Cove
(902) 532-5337

Granville Centre Community Hall
5650 Highway 1, Granville Centre
(902) 532-5027

Granville Ferry Community Hall 
5352 Granville Road, Granville Ferry
(902) 532-0901

Habitation New Horizons Club
1771 Granville Road, Port Wade
(902) 532-5391

Hampton Social & Recreation Society
8319 St. Croix Cove Road, Hampton
(902) 665-2558

Inglisville Community Club
1407 Inglisville Road, Inglisville
(902) 824-1322

Litchfield-Delaps Cove Community Hall
2792 Shore Road, Litchfield
(902) 532-7174

Lower Granville Community Hall
3551 Granville Road, Port Royal
(902) 532-5664

Maitland Bridge Community Hall 
701 Highway 8, Maitland Bridge
(902) 682-2192

Margaretsville Community Hall
1 Seaman Street Margaretsville
(902) 825-6834

Melvern Square & Area Community Association
165 Bridge Street, Melvern Square
(902) 765-8158

Middleton & District Lions Club
8921 Highway 10, Nictaux Falls
(902) 825-4374

Milford area Community Association
5439 Highway 8, Milford
(902) 532-5606

Moschelle Community Hall Society
718 Highway 201, Moschelle
(902) 532-5268

Mount Rose Community Club Trustees
1840 Arlington Road, Mount Rose
(902) 247-1303

Paradise Community Hall
10300 Highway 1, Paradise
(902) 584-3511

Parkers Cove Fundy Thread & Thimble Club
4462 Shore Road, Parkers Cove
(902) 532-2718

Port George Regional Recreation Centre
12256 Shore Road, Port George
(902) 825-3858

Port Lorne Community Centre
557 Port Lorne Road, Port Lorne
(902) 584-7122

Round Hill Hall Company
1689 Highway 201, Round Hill
(902) 532-0169

Three Rivers Community Association
41 Messenger Road, Torbrook Mines
(902) 765-3838

Tupperville Community Hall 
2586 Highway 201, Tupperville
(902) 665-4494

Victoria Beach United Baptist Church
821 Granville Road, Victoria Beach
(902) 532-2826

West Paradise Community Hall
5154 Highway 201, West Paradise
(902) 665-4722

Wilmot Community Group
13972 Highway 1, Wilmot
(902) 825-3540

Royal Canadian Legions

Royal Canadian Legion, Port Royal Branch 21
66 Victoria Street Annapolis Royal
(902) 532-5196

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 22
1877 Clementsvale Road, Bear River
(902) 467-3705

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 033
20 Jeffery Street Bridgetown
(902) 665-2820

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 122
2008 Highway 1, Clementsport
(902) 638-3303

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 112
490 Main Street Lawrencetown
(902) 584-3027

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 001
205 Marshall St., Middleton
(902) 825-4751