Canoe Annapolis County Route 4 - Milford Lakes

Route 4 – Milford Lakes

Route 4 is also catalogued in this guide as an overnight route, but offers several day trip opportunities
as well.

The route consists of 13 lakes and connecting streams, and encompasses developed areas such as
Liverpool Head and Geier Lakes, as well as very remote areas such as Allison and Gull Lakes. Portages are
generally well marked and in good condition. Fisher and Eleven Mile Lakes are rock strewn and can be prone
to high winds, and canoeists are advised to consider wind conditions when traversing these two lakes. There
are several sandy beaches along the route, and many suitable campsites. The old Ranger camp on the east
side of Rocky Lake may offer a dry refuge in bad weather.

You can also begin this route at Sandy Bottom Lake (see Route 3). If you are a guest at the Milford
House, you can launch at either Geier Lake or Boot Lake. If you are not a guest, ask permission from the
Milford House staff, who may allow you to park on their property and access these lakes.

The region is steeped in history. “A trail that followed the Ribbon of Lakes through this wilderness was
once the domain of the Mi'kmaq. Guiding for both fishing and hunting flourished in this region and is the
backdrop for Albert Bigelow Paine's book called the Tent Dwellers circa early 1900's.” Source: Through the Woods;
A collected History and Reflection of the Milford Area and Communities, 2005.

The Medway Lakes Wilderness Area was designated in 2015.

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