Canoe Annapolis County Route 1 - Lambs and Crotchet Lakes

.1Route 1 – Lambs and Crotchet Lakes

The route consists of two lakes and a connecting stream, and is part of the Nova Scotia Power
Lequille Development. Historically, these lakes and the Ten Mile River system were the site of numerous log
drives. Evidence of this activity can still be seen in the Ten Mile River and Crotchet Lake Runs, where
obstructing rocks were dynamited and removed by hand from the channels. The Mickey Hill Provincial Park
fronts on Lambs Lake and offers a very good sand beach for swimming.

Crotchet Lake is more remote, and also offers a good sand beach and campsite on the large island.
Recent extensive logging has been carried out on the north and northeast sides of these lakes. The portages
along Crotchet Lake Runs are not well marked, but can be used with care.
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