Street & Road Maintenance

The County of Annapolis does have the responsibility to maintain specific streets in the County. Generally they are in conjunction with newer developments and are the result of the provincial policy NOT to own or maintain any new streets associated with new development. Road conditions, winter or summer, should be directed to the County if the street is listed below. Contact the county office in Bridgetown for questions relating to municipal streets by calling 902-665-4543 or email

Municipal Streets

Cornwallis Park Streets Bridgetown Streets East End Streets
Atlantic Avenue 
Billy Bishop Road
Bren Street
Brig Lane
Broadway Avenue
Brook Street
Conestoga Street
Corvette Drive
Cote Des Neige Road
Haida Street 
Harbour View Crescent
Hillside Drive 
Marine Drive 
Martingale Place
Old School Hill Road 
Shady Lane
Sherman Street
South Broadway Avenue
Spinnaker Street
Spitfire Street
Spritsail Road
The Dingle 
Topsail Avenue
Tribal Street

Albert Street
Bay Road
Centennial Drive
Chipman Avenue
Church Street
Court Street 
Faye Road 
Freeman Street 
Granville Street
Jeffery Street 
McKenna Street 
Middle Street 
Mountainview Drive 
Park Street
Park Lane 
Post Office Street
Queen Street
Rectory Street 
Rink Street 
Riverview Drive
Victoria Street  
Washington Stree
Water Street
Adam Drive 
Alexander Campbell Street
Belle Drive 
Bradley Street 
Cameron Drive (section)
Chateau Court
Dr. Lewis Johnston Street
Fairview Drive 
Olympiad Drive 
Sherwood Street
ALL OTHER STREETS unless private, are the jurisdiction of the province, and issues regarding those streets should be directed to The Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Middleton at 902 -825-4827 or Lequille Base at 902-532-2844.

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