Margaretsville Source Water Protection Plan

Provision of an adequate and safe water supply is the top priority for the Province and the Municipality of the County of Annapolis. This is achieved through a Multiple-Barrier Approach – which provides a multi-layer protection system to ensure that safe water is delivered to the consumer. In Nova Scotia the barriers defined in the Drinking Water Strategy are as follows:

• Keeping it Clean - ensure the water source is protected from contamination
• Making it Safe - provide the required treatment
• Proving it's Safe - continuous testing and monitoring

The Source Water Protection Plan is a general strategy and outline of management practices that form a program designed for use by community stakeholders. The program is developed and administered by the stakeholders with the objective of providing high quality drinking water by maintaining a clean and adequate water supply source.

The Margaretsville Source Water Protection Advisory Committee is comprised of local residents and supported by Municipality staff. The Committee is currently in the process of identifying the potential sources of contamination in the watershed and management options for each potential contaminant. The Committee is requesting input from residents, and anyone who relies on the Margaretsville drinking water supply for their valued input. There are two options to complete the Comment Form: 

1)  Click here to fill out the form on-line

2)  Click here to print off a copy of the form. Please return the form to the Municipal Office in Lawrencetown (396 Main St.) when it's completed.

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