County Utility Systems Overview

The County operates several utility systems either as standalone systems such as Bridgetown, Cornwallis Park, Nictaux and Margaretsville or in conjunction with adjacent communities through servicing agreements with Annapolis Royal or Middleton. The County operates the following Utility Systems:

Waste Water Systems

  • Bear River Waste Water Collection (treated by Digby)
  • Cornwallis Park Waste Water Collection and Treatment
  • Deep Brook Waste Water Collection (treated in Cornwallis Park)
  • Nictaux Waste water Collection and Treatment
  • Lequille Waste Water Collection (treated by Annapolis Royal)
  • Granville Ferry Waste Water Collection (treated by Annapolis Royal)
  • Bridgetown Waste Water Collection and Treatment 
  • Church Street Waste Water Collection (treated in Bridgetown)
  • Carlton Corner Waste Water Collection (treated in Bridgetown)
  • Brooklyn Road Waste Water Collection (treated by Middleton)

Water Systems

  • Cornwallis Park Treatment and Distribution
  • Granville Ferry Treatment and Distribution (supplies water to Annapolis Royal and Lequille)
  • Margaretsville Treatment and Distribution
  • Brooklyn Road (supplied and maintained by Middleton)

Utility Serviced Areas

Utility Systems are expanded as services are required either through new development or by need identified by the community such as failing septic systems or poor water quality or quantity in some areas.

Utilities are self funding, meaning the cost of operations must be raised through fees or taxes specifically approved by the county.
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