Bridgetown Water Quality Update

Bridgetown Water Quality: Uranium Levels Update

The Bridgetown community water system has had natural occurring uranium in the water since it was commissioned in 2007. Natural occurring uranium in well water is common in Nova Scotia.

The Bridgetown water system has three supply wells the County is implementing additional testing to ensure water quality is maintained within the operating parameters as determined by Nova Scotia Environment.

The consultants, CBCL Ltd., were hired to review the water system, the water quality and the production history of the wells and to advise the County of short and long range water system operating strategies. A public information session was held on the water system on May 11, 2016 to review the consultant’s findings and discuss the next steps.

The consultant’s findings to address these infrequent spikes in uranium initiated the County to undertake the following actions:

  • Immediate suspension of the use of the higher uranium concentration well.
  • Confirm the pumping rates of the remaining two in-service wells to ensure they are within permitted operating rates.
  • Increasing the testing regime from quarterly to monthly.
  • Developing a new production well with less or no uranium content.
  • Concerns raised at the meeting on May 11, 2016 were regarding higher calcium levels in the well water. The County will be posting on our website the options homeowners can consider.
  • There will be follow up communication as we progress.

The full report is available online at the website Click Here
The County has begun the process of drilling an exploratory well to find a new production well, with drilling to begin this summer.

The County does stress the water quality meets Nova Scotia Environment’s operating parameters. Staff is monitoring the system for any changes. The uranium present in the water is not of the radio-active type and is naturally occurring throughout Nova Scotia.

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Director of Municipal Operations
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