Electronic Voting

Introducing Electronic Voting for the 2020 Municipal Election


The municipality of the County Of Annapolis is very proud and pleased to be able to offer Electronic Voting in the upcoming municipal election on October 17 2020.

What does this mean? It means that you will be able to vote from home or almost anywhere using a touch-tone phone including a phone with a home land line. Or you can use any computer or smart phone device with an internet service.

Best of all, voting will take place over a several-day period leading up to and including October 17 where all voters will have 24/7 access to the electronic system. Voting will close at 7PM on October 17.  No more driving to polling stations if you prefer not to. No more line ups! Now voting is truly Fast! Safe! Easy!


How does it work?

On a touch-tone phone you would simply select from a menu to choose the person you wish to vote for. The system will audibly read a list of candidate names and ask you to select a number to choose the candidate you wish to vote for eg. Press 1 for this candidate or press 2 for another etc. Via any internet enabled device you will be able to see a screen with a table of candidate names and you can “click” to select the one you wish to vote for. Both the telephone and internet tools then provide you with an interim confirmation of the name you are choosing to double check we have the right selection. You can then confirm or go back to select a different person. Once you have submitted your final vote you will receive a clear confirmation that your vote has been completed!

And best of all, this can take place in just a few minutes from your home or anywhere else you have access to a touch tone phone or internet enabled device. No more driving to the polling station. No lineups. It’s Fast, Safe, Easy!


How will I obtain access to the new electronic tools?

Just like we do in all elections voters who are on the List of Electors will receive voter information cards in advance. It is important to verify that you are on the list of electors or be added to the list by calling our revising officer, Amanda Lewis at 902-955-0512, between July 27 and August 21, 2020.

If you are on the List of Electors you will receive a letter via Canada Post providing you with instructions and all information you need including a toll free phone number that will connect you to the voter system for touch tone phone voting or web page address for smart device, computer based internet voting.

What if I need help?

You will be able to call municipal staff for help during our regular office hours of Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM. And on Saturday Oct 17 from 8AM to 7PM. Staff will be able to answer most questions over the phone and enable you to vote immediately while we stand by.

We will also offer in-person, walk-in voting at multiple locations across the municipality on October 17 between 8AM and 7PM. At those locations poll support teams will instruct you on how to complete your vote using a computer specially set up for the election. Best of all, you can vote at any of our walk in locations, no need to identify and be tied to one local polling station. Choose the location nearest you or any location that fits your other activities that day!


Please check the municipal elections web page frequently for more updates. Click here for a Q&A
CLICK HERE for a video demonstration on how electronic voting works

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