2014-05-20_Council_Annual Session Agenda (indexed for video)


  1. Councillors absent (skip to video)
  2. Presentation of plaque (skip to video)

10:00 a.m.

  1. IN-CAMERA (skip to video)

In accordance with section 22(2)(a) of the Municipal Government Act

  1. MINUTES (skip to video)
  1. Public Hearing, March 18, 2014
  2. Regular Session April 15, 2014
  3. Special Session May 13, 2014
  4. ADDITIONS/DELETIONS (added to end of Agenda(skip to video)
  5. Councillor’s Comments (skip to video)

Round Table

    1. Municipal Solicitor, W. Bruce Gillis (skip to video)
      1. April Monthly Report
      2. Committee of the Whole (May 13th) (skip to video)
      3. Cornwallis Park MPS & LUB Request for Amendment (Part I)
      4. Cornwallis Park MPS & LUB Request for Amendment (Part II)
      5. AM-1.2.1 Remuneration & Allowances for Warden, Deputy Warden and Councillors – Amend
      6. AM-1.4.11 Community Contributions Policy – Amend
      7. North Queens Fire Association – Release of Funds
      8. Selection of Hauler – Derelict Vehicle Collection Program
      9. Changes to Kings Transit Routes
      10. Digby Regional Wastewater System Intermunicipal Agreement
      11. UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Signage
      12. Cornwallis Park MPS & LUB Effective Date
      13. Request to Hold June Council Offsite
      14. Unsightly Premises
      15. Upper Clements Partnership Committee
      16. Annapolis County Fire Services Association - Request Increase to Operating Budget
      17. Annapolis County Fire Services Association – Council Representation
      18. Speed Limit Review – Highway 201 East
  2. NEW BUSINESS (skip to video)
    1. Annual Report – Regional Emergency Management Organization (REMO)

11:00 a.m.

-          11:10

  1. PRESENTATION (skip to video)
    1. Volunteer Award – Presented to Pam Law
  2. CORRESPONDENCE (skip to video)
    1. Heart & Stroke Foundation (April 8th)
    2. NS Economic And Rural Development and Tourism (April 23rd)
    3. NS Agriculture (April 28th)
    4. Feed Nova Scotia  (April 25th)
      1. PVSC Concerns - letter from Granville Rd. resident (skip to video
      2. Approval of grants (skip to video)
      3. Lake Pleasant land purchase (skip to video)
      4. Shore Rd. West land purchase (skip to video)
      5. Lease Agreement (Bridgetown) (skip to video)
      6. Economic Development - motion rescinded (skip to video)
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