Open Letter to Residents

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Our new “Waste Hotline” is now active 1-833-360-2454,
as well as the new dedicated email

All inquiries regarding waste matters may now be referred to this phone or email


Please be advised, the waste hotline (1-833-360-2454) is presently experiencing a very high volume of calls. If your call is not being answered and/or you are unable to leave a message please try again later or email your inquiry to We are working diligently to answer and return all calls in a timely manner. Your patience is appreciated.


Calls will be answered between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. However, you are welcome to call the hotline after hours and leave a message. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible.


Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Our Bridgetown Office phone (902-665-4637) is experiencing technical difficulties, and will be resolved as quickly as possible.

For immediate assistance please call our Annapolis Royal Office at 902-532-2331.

2013-12-17_Council_Agenda (indexed for video)



10:00 a.m.


  1. In-Camera (skip to video)

In accordance with Section 22(2)(g) of the Municipal Government   Act


      2. MINUTES (skip to video)

  1. Regular Session – November 19, 2013
  2. Special Session – December 10, 2013

      3. ADDITIONS/DELETIONS (added to end of Agenda) (skip to video)

       4. Councillor’s Comments (skip to video)


Round Table



  1. Annapolis   County Municipal Housing Corporation (from November 19the page   2) (skip to video)

(lift motion from the   table)



  1. Municipal Solicitor (skip to video)
  2. Committee of the Whole (December   10 2013) (skip to video)
    1. FCM Housing   Project
    2. Middleton Fire   Department Release of Funds
    3. AM-2.7.2 Scent   Free Policy (New)
    4. Indexing   On-line Meetings of COTW and Council
    5. Surplus Electronic Equipment
    6. Public Transit Application Software   Licensing
    7. Capital Plan Adjustments
    8. AM-1.8.1 Travel & Expenses Policy   (Amendment)
    9. Adhoc Youth Engagement Committee
    10. Appointments to Adhoc Youth Engagement Committee
    11. Adhoc Fundy YMCA and Adhoc Negotiation   Committee Graves

        7. NEW BUSINESS

  1. 2004   Strategic Plan (previously circulated) (skip to video)
  2. Protocol   for Regional Cooperation (November 19th) (skip to video)
  3. Long   Service Recognitions – Staff (skip to video)

-            Albert Dunphy – 20 years

-            Russell Mackintosh – 25 years

-            Cheryl Mason – 25 years

-            Doug Theriault – 30 years


           8. CORRESPONDENCE (skip to video)

  1. Town of Yarmouth (November   14th)
  2. NS Justice (November 20th)
  3. NS Justice (November 28th)
  4. Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia
  5. Economic and Rural Development and Tourism (December 10th)
  6. Economic and Rural Development and Tourism (December 11th)

            9. ADDITIONS

  1. Nomination Committee  (skip to video)
  2. Paradise speed limit (skip to video)
  3. Date for Planning ADvisory Committee - Cornwallis (skip to video)
  4. Digby Annapolis Development Committee update (skip to video)
  5. Inglewood (February Council) (skip to video)

           10. ADJOURNMENT** **Adjournment Pending Agenda   Discussion


3:30 p.m.