2013-10-08 Committee of the Whole Agenda (indexed for on-line video)

Committee of the Whole



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In-Camera (skip to video)

In accordance with Sections 22(2)(a) & (g) of the Municipal Government Act - Motion - (skip to video) 

 MINUTES (skip to video)


(A)      Regular Meeting – September 10, 2013

(B)      Special Meeting – September 12, 2013

ADDITIONS (to end of Agenda) (skip to video)


(A)      Report & RFD – Fur Industry Act, Section 8 (September 12thmeeting)  (skip to video)


(A)       Protocol for Regional Cooperation (skip to video)

(B)        Municipal Climate Change Action Plan (separate attachment(skip to video)

(C)       Bear River Head of the Tide – Update (skip to video)

(D)       RFD – Renaming Sections of Elliott Road (skip to video)

(E)        RFD – FUNDYweb Broadband Board (skip to video)

(F)        RFD – Ward Estates Paving (skip to video)

(G)       RFD – Municipal Property, Bear River (skip to video)

(H)       RFD – Heart of the Valley BMX Skatepark (skip to video)

(I)          RFD – Afterschool Program Funding and Administration (skip to video)

(J)         RFD – Building and Highway Signs (skip to video)

(K)       RFD – Bayshore Harbour Authority Grant Application (skip to video)

(L)        RFD – Village of Lawrencetown Grant Application Review (skip to video)

(M)      Port Lorne & District VFD – w/d $24,000 Request from Fire Services Capital (skip to video)

(N)       Port Lorne & District VFD – Release $1,380 from Dry Hydrant Program (skip to video)



(A)      Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal (by invitation, BAFM June COTW) – A/Area Manager Reginald Stevens, P. Eng. (skip to video)


  DEPARTMENTAL REPORTS (skip to video)

The following Departmental reports have been circulated in the agenda package in order that they may be approved as one ‘lot’. Any items to be discussed or which will require action are to be ‘additions’ to the agenda.

A.    Engineering & Public Works (September – Capital update attached, Department report to be circulated at the meeting)

B.     Planning & Protective Services (September)

C.    Recreation (September)

D.    Community Economic Development / IT (September)

E.     Chief Administrative Officer (September)



The following Council, Committee and Organizational reports have been circulated in the agenda package in order that they may be approved as one ‘lot’. Any items to be discussed or which will require action are to be ‘additions’ to the agenda

A.    Warden’s Monthly Report (September)

B.     Valley Waste-Resource Management

- September Management Minute

- Agenda Item 7.1 – Curb-side Collection and Transportation of Solid Waste

- Agenda Item 4.4 – Recyclables Processing

C.    Heritage Advisory Committee

Recommendations from HAC October 8, 2013

D.    Police Advisory Board

E.     Annapolis County Fire Services Association

F.     Annapolis Valley Regional Library Board


(A) Strategic Planning Committee  (skip to video)

(B) Councillor McDonald's committee report (skip to video)

(C) Atlantic Mayor's Congress - Warden                 

** Please be advised the last few minutes of the video are missing due to a technical error. This missing footage included: 1) Under Additions (C) Atlantic Mayor's Congress - The Warden asked Councillors to provide a list of topics (if any) they would like him to bring to the Congress; and 2) an In-camera session.              

ADJOURNMENT** **Adjournment Pending Agenda Discussion



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