2013-04-09_COTW_ Agenda

Committee of the Whole

9:00 a.m.

9:30 a.m.

11:00 a.m.

12:00 p.m.

1:30 p.m.

3:30 p.m.

1.                        SPECIAL COUNCIL

(A)                             In-Camera – Municipal Government Act, Section22(2) (a)(e)

2.                     MINUTES

(A)        Regular Meeting – March 12, 2013

3.                        BUSINESS   ARISING

(A)        Governance (from March 12, 2013)

(B)        Policies   AM-1.2.1 and AM-1.8.1 (from March 12, 2013)

-            Section   4.7, Policy AM-1.8.1

(C)        Negotiation Committee – Graves Valufoods (from March 12, 2013)

4.                        ADDITIONS (to end of Agenda)

5.                        DEPARTMENT   REPORTS(March)

(A)    Engineering & Public Works

Monthly   Report

(B)    Community Development

                                           i.              Protective Services

Monthly Report   – C. Mason

Fire   Inspections – R. Mackintosh

                                         ii.              Planning Services

Monthly Report

                                       iii.              Recreation

Monthly Report (February and March)

                                       iv.              Community Economic Development

Monthly Report

(C)       Chief Administrative Officer

3x3 Monthly Report

Council Action Report (to be circulated at council))

6.                        PRESENTATIONS

(A)      Canadian Mental Health Association –   Orris Orlando, President, Annapolis County Branch

(B)         FundyY   – (info previously circulated) Chief   Executive Officer Yvonne Smith, Finance   Director Jill Sutherland

7.                        LUNCH

8.                        PRESENTATIONS

(D)       Citizen   Advisory Committee on Fur Farming

9.                        NEW   BUSINESS

(A)       Regional   Caucus – Selection of Councillor   for Regional Steering Committee

(B)          Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)

(C)       Lothlorian

(D)       Canadian   Postmasters and Assistants Association

(E)          AC Windpower Bylaw - Public Participation Process

(F)          RFD   – Additional Capital Expenditures

(G)         Code of Conduct (from March 19, 2013 Council)

(H)       Organizational   Review (from March 19, 2013 Council)   (info previously circulated)

(I)            FCM Sustainable Communities Conference Report – Councillor Habinski

(J)           M3 Destruction of Documents – Affidavit of Clerk


(A)        Warden’s Monthly Report

(B)        Heritage Advisory – Wilkins

(C)        Police Advisory Board – Habinski

(D)        Annapolis County Municipal Housing Corporation – McDonald

(E)          Digby-Annapolis Development Corporation – Ritchie

(F)       Annapolis   Digby Economic Development Agency – Heming

(G)       Regional   Emergency Management Organization (REMO) Adv. Committee – McDonald

(H)        Valley Waste-Resource Management – Ritchie

(I)           Annapolis County Fire Services Association –   Connell

(J)          Annapolis Valley Exhibition – Connell

(K)       Annapolis Valley Regional Library – Roberts

(L)        Upper Clements Parks Society – Trimper

(M)      Kings Transit Authority –Heming

(N)        Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation – Wilkins

(O)        Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve – McDonald

(P)         Trans County Transportation Society – Wilkins

11.                       ADDITIONS




11.   ADJOURNMENT** **Adjournment   Pending Agenda Discussion

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