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1.     In-Camera

 2.     MINUTES

(A)                 Regular Meeting – October 9, 2012

 3.     ADDITIONS (to end of Agenda)


(A)     Graves Valufoods, Cornwallis Park - Ms. Cathy Graves

(see also: various correspondence included; petition attached)


(A)    Engineering & Public Works

- Monthly Report

- Utility Performance Report

- Capital Projects Status Report (attached)

(B)        Community Development

              i.            Protective Services

Monthly Report

             ii.            Planning Services

Monthly Report

             iii.            Recreation

Monthly Report  

             iv.            Community Economic Development

Monthly Report

(C)       Chief Administrative Officer

- 3x3 Monthly Report

- Emerging Topics

- Council Action Report


 6.             NEW BUSINESS (cont’d)

(A)     RFD –  Rename Section#002 of the Thorne Road (0516) to Heartland Road

(B)     RFD – Middleton District Rink Commission

(C)     RFD – Fundy Y (Water Slide)

(D)     Audio/video recording

(E)     Committee of the Whole and Council Meetings – Councillor Morrison

(F)      Annapolis County Ground Search & Rescue- Application for Registration

(G)    RFD – Website

(H)     RFD - Hydrants, Middleton (petition results)

(I)      Status on Lands on Adam Drive (memo to CAO)


(A)                 Warden’s Ritchie’s October Monthly Report

(B)                  Heritage Advisory – Wilkins

(C)                 Police Advisory Board – Connell

(D)                 Annapolis County Municipal Housing Corporation – McDonald

(E)                  Digby-Annapolis Development Corporation – Ritchie

(F)                  Annapolis Digby Economic Development Agency – McDonald

(G)                 Regional Emergency Management Organization (REMO) Adv. Committee –

(H)                 Valley Waste-Resource Management – Ritchie

(I)                   Annapolis County Fire Services Association – Connell

(J)                   Annapolis Valley Exhibition – Connell

(K)                 Annapolis Valley Regional Library – Trimper

(L)                  Digby Annapolis Regional Airport Committee

(M)                Upper Clements Parks Society –

(N)                 Kings Transit Authority – Trimper

(O)                 Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation – Wilkins

(P)                  Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve – McDonald

(Q)                 Trans County Transportation Society – Wilkins

(R)                 Bay of Fundy Transportation Association – Ritchie


8.             ADDITIONS





**Adjournment Pending Agenda Discussion