2016-08-16_Council Agenda (indexed for video)


10:00 a.m.            1.   ADDITIONS/DELETIONS(added to end of Agenda) (skip to video)

2.         APPROVAL of the AGENDA(skip to video)

3.         MINUTES (skip to video)

A.    Regular Session, July 19, 2016

B.    Special Session, July 20, 2016


5.         MUNICIPALSOLICITOR'SREPORT (skip to video)

        W. B. Gillis, Q.C.

- Monthly Report July 2016

6.         COUNCILLOR'SCOMMENTS (skip to video)


A.    Municipal Elections – Information Update (skip to video)

B.    RFD – 66520-34 2016 MPS/LUB-001 East End Area Amendment – Penman (skip to video)

C.    RFD – 2016 Canoe Annapolis County Bookstore Discount (skip to video)

D.    RFD – Port Lorne Park – Municipal Land Acquisition Proposal (skip to video)

E.    RFD – New Road Name – Granville Ferry (skip to video)

F.     RFD – A4 Cat Bylaw - Amend (skip to video)

G.    RFD – AM-1.2.5 Declaration of Proclamations Policy - Amend (skip to video)

H.    Planning Consultant – Costs (skip to video)

I.      Snowbird Air Display (skip to video)

8.         REPORTSandRECOMMENDATIONS (skip to video)

A.        Heritage Advisory Committee (July 26, 2016)

                                                                          i.     Municipally-Registered Heritage Property – Solomon Bowlby House, Substantial Alterations

                                                                        ii.     Municipally-Registered Heritage Property – Solomon Bowlby House, Amend Notice of Registration

10.       CORRESPONDENCE  (skip to video)

A. Annapolis Valley Exhibition (July)

B. MP Colin Fraser (copy, July 12th)

C. Canadian Wildlife Service (July 18th)

D. Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries & Casino Corporation (July 21st)

12:00 p.m.            LUNCH

                     Join Councillors, Staff, and Grant Recipients on the Lawn for a BBQ

1:30 p.m.            11. ADDITIONS

A. Tender Award - Moose Rover Water Realignment (Phase 1) (skip to video)

B. Bridgetown Arena Improvements update (skip to video)



3:30p.m.            12.       ADJOURNMENT**

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