2015-12-15_Council (indexed for video)


10:00 a.m.    1.ADDITIONS/DELETIONS(added to end of Agenda) (skip to video)

2.         APPROVAL of the AGENDA (skip to video)

3.         MINUTES (skip to video)

A.    RegularSession,November 17,2015


5.         IN-CAMERA (skip to video)

In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, Sections 22 (2) (a) acquisition, sale, lease and security of municipal property (Bear River).

6.         MUNICIPALSOLICITOR'SREPORT (skip to video)

MunicipalSolicitor,W. BruceGillis

A.    November MonthlyReport

7.         COUNCILLOR'SCOMMENTS (skip to video)


A.    RFD – 66520-35 MPS-004 Bridgetown MPS Amendment – Milton Hamilton; (skip to video)

                 66520-40 2015 DA002: Bridgetown - Milton Hamilton Development Agreement

9.         REPORTS and RECOMMENDATIONS (skip to video)

A.    Committee of the Whole (December 7th)

i.         Valley Region Solid Waste-Resource Mgmt Auth – 2016-17 Draft Operating Budget

ii.       Valley Region Solid Waste-Resource Mgmt Auth – 2016-17 Draft Capital Budget

iii.     Annapolis Royal VFD – Release Funds from Fire Services Capital Reserve

iv.     AM-1.4.11 Community Contributions Policy – Amend

v.       Youth Ambassador Chain of Office – Care, Keeping, and Ownership

vi.     County Surplus Inventory Disposal

vii.   Port Royal Family Fun Day – 2016-17 $3,500 Budget from Economic Development

viii.Police Advisory Board Meeting Location

ix.     ARRA Committee (Town of Annapolis Royal)

10.       CORRESPONDENCE (skip to video)

A. Municipality of the County of Colchester (November 16th)

B. Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia (November 20th)

11:00 a.m.                  PUBLIC HEARING(skip to video)

See separate agenda.

  1. LONG SERVICE RECOGNITIONS (skip to video)
    1. Retirement – Carol Dibble
    2. Retirement – David McCoubrey
    3. 25 Years of Service – Wanda L. Atwell
    4. 25 Years of Service – R. “Butch” Emmett
    5. 20 Years of Service – Dawn Campbell


12:00 p.m.                 LUNCH

Council was invited to stay for a luncheon to celebrate long service and retirement recognitions with staff.

1:30 p.m.            12. ADDITIONS

A. Morse Rd. (skip to video)




3:30p.m.            13.       ADJOURNMENT**


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