2020 Annapolis County Fun Run

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It's true that recent events have forced us all to do things a bit differently but the important thing is we're still doing them.

Join us for the 41st annual Annapolis County Fun Run/Walk; pandemic style. We're offering a virtual version this year where you get to choose your route, your distance, and when you do it. This is a run and/or walk event.

Click here to register: 2020 Annapolis Co Fun Run

Here's how it will work this year:

This year's event provides three distance categories and offers suggested routes, but they are merely options. You are free to pick your own. 

The three categories are (you will be asked to select only one):

  • Traditional Fun Run distance - 4.3 kms
  • A little Bit Further - 10 kms
  • Fort-to-Fort Run distance - 25 kms

Everyone who registers will receive a gift of a County Buff.

Everyone who completes their chosen category will receive a certificate.

The first 50 people in each category to complete their chosen distance will receive a special 2020 Fun Run medal.

When you have completed your distance (category), please send a message to Nadine at nbarteaux@annapoliscounty.ca with a subject line: 2020 Fun Run. In the body of the email include - your name, the category you completed, and your mailing address. I will contact you if you were one of the first 50 participants to complete the distance in your category.

Please feel free to send some pictures of you walking or running and we'll share them on our website and Facebook page. Also, let us know if you are doing this as a family group, how far away you live, or any other fun facts you may wish to include.

Please note: All materials related to the 2020 Fun Run will be mailed out to participants respecting the present restrictions related to the pandemic.

Traditional Fun Run route - 4.3 kms:

Race Route
"A Little Bit Further" route - 10 kms:

10 Kms
Fort-to-Fort route - 25 kms:

fort to fort map

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