Grants Received in 2015-16 Fiscal Year

The following not-for-profit and charitable organizations received grants for the 2015/16 fiscal year:

Community Programs Assistance Fund

Annapolis Royal Football Club Association: $1,000.00

Annapolis Royal Tennis Club: $1,000.00

Annapolis Valley Chapter of Autism Nova Scotia: $2,200.00

Annapolis Valley Farm to School Committee: $2,000.00

Bridgetown Lawn Bowling and Quoits Club: $1,000.00


Hampton Lighthouse and Historical Society: $800.00

Hampton Social and Recreational Society: $660.00

King's Theatre Society: $2,000.00

Lawrencetown & District Recreation Commission: $1,000.00

Lawrencetown & District Swimming Pool Society: $2,000.00

The Age Advantage Association: $500.00

Marketing & Promotion Partnership Programs

Annapolis Board of Trade, Visitor Information Centre: $3,000.00

Annapolis Valley Exhibition Society, Visitor Information Centre: $1,500.00

Bear River Economic Development Society, Visitor Information Centre $2,000.00

Bridgetown and Area Chamber of Commerce, Visitor Information Centre: $2,000.00

Clean Annapolis River Project Society: $5,000.00

Town of Middleton, Visitor Information Centre: $1,500.00

Capital Projects Assistance Program

Annapolis County Trails Society: 20,000.00

Annapolis Valley Exhibition Society: 25,000.00

Bear River Economic Development Society: 6,755.00

Bridgetown Curling Club: $5,000.00

Cornwallis Community Gardens Association: $3,307.33

Exhibition Youth Arena (Lawrencetown): $15,000.00

Middleton and District Rink Commission: $5,000.00

Round Hill & District Recreation Commission: 3,000.00

Community Halls & Centres Assistance Program

Brickton Community Hall: $1,200.00

Centrelea Community Club: $1,200.00

Cornwallis Military Museum Association: $2,000.00

Cornwallis Park Community Association: $2,400.00

Granville Ferry Community Association: $1,200.00

Litchfield & Delaps Cove Community Hall Association: $1,200.00

Melvern Square & Area Community Association: $2,400.00

Milford & Area Community Association: $1,200.00

Port Lorne Community Centre: $1,200.00

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 33, Bridgetown: $2,400.00

Wilmot Community Centre Society: $1,800.00

Trails Assistance Program

Annapolis County Trails Society: $5,000.00

Annapolis Valley Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club: 3,266.00

Annapolis Valley Trails Coalition: $5,000.00

Champlain Elementary Home & School Association: 5,000.00

South Shore Annapolis Valley Recreational Trail Association: $5,000.00

Community Contributions Program

Annapolis County 4-H Leaders Council: $500.00

Annapolis County Barristers Association (Lovett Library): $2,460.00

Annapolis County Federation of Agriculture: $500.00

Annapolis County Ground Search and Rescue Association: $3,000.00

Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens Society: $2,000.00

Annapolis Valley Exhibition Society: $2,500.00

Annapolis Valley Historical Society (Macdonald Museum): $1,000.00

Annapolis West Health Foundation (RCMP Seniors' Safety Program): $2,500.00

Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve Association: $500.00

South West Nova Transition House Association (Juniper House): $1,000.00

Special Olympics Annapolis County: $1,500.00

Trans County Transportation Society (TCTS): $33,000.00

Victorian Order of Nurses (Annapolis Valley Branch): $2,500.00

For further information contact Nancy Chisholm.
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